You’ve seen them on TV. You probably could recite at least half of it by memory just from what you’ve seen on crime dramas. But when the going gets tough and you are actually arrested, what do you really know about the Miranda warning and what you are being told? Here is some more information on each statement made in the Miranda rights.

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Your Right to Remain Silent

Simply put, you don’t have to say anything during an arrest. You might feel like you have to say something in your defense even after the Miranda warning is read to you, but you don’t. You can politely refuse to answer any questions or just stay silent.

Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You

One unfortunate truth about being placed under arrest is that the arresting officers are going to be looking for any signs that would implicate your guilt, so saying nothing is usually better than saying anything, no matter how innocent you feel it is.

You Have the Right to an Attorney

You have the right to retain Attorney Lopes before you answer any questions or make any statements to police. Having the right to retain counsel to assist you is a tremendous opportunity if you have the means to hire an attorney.

An Attorney Will Be Provided If You Cannot Afford One

In the event you don’t have the means to hire a criminal defense attorney from the Lopes Law Firm on your own, a public defender will be assigned to your case. Every person charged with a crime should be treated equally under the law and this involves having legal representation.

Understand the Rights as Read to You

Miranda warnings won’t have any meaning unless you understand that you actually are allowed to not make any statements, incriminating or otherwise, to police, and that if you do have Attorney Lopes, who is experienced in criminal defense in Metro Atlanta and Marietta, your rights will be protected.

Please call Attorney Lopes at (404) 589-9000 or request a consultation, so you can better understand your rights and options.